The Story

Join Youssouf in this thrilling west African adventure while running from the village of his ancestors in search of a new life in the big city.

Collect as many fried bananas as possible while overcoming dangerous enemies like hungry crocodiles, bloodthirsty mosquitoes, or crazy taxies.

Fried Banana Run is a runner platforming game for the whole family.


Story unfolding

Have been working lately on the story that will drive the game forward. I can't wait to reveal more of it, and also more game footage! I, for my part, always prefer a story-driven game, but I plan to have both a story one and an arcade mode. 
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Why Fried Banana?

It´s a no-brainer. This delicious ivorian snack is something you run after.  Read more ...


Crazy chickens or dangerous mosquitos. They are here to make it difficult for you.


Navigate through banana forests, coconut groves, rivers or on the bumpy highway.

Chill gameplay

Swipe and jump over obstacles in your path.


Upgrade to funny weapons like slingshot or deadliest ever mosquito spray.


Challenging, addictive and super-fun runner game!